Daash admits defeat in gray and loses its documentation and its components dropping off Kirkuk


Saturday 0.26 December 0.2015

Wrote Mohammad Karim: adopted the organization Daash, on Saturday, its losses against the Iraqi forces in the city of Ramadi, Anbar province in western Iraq Center, through Tweets published by the subsidiary accounts of him on the Internet, came as pave the way for the Declaration of the loss of the city.

The organization said in a tweet published account continued his "Twitter" on Saturday, told the armed men: "Do not be sad nor let a victory your state even if we lose gray, and remember that God Saawwadna."

As announced another account belonging to the organization, trying his gunmen restore some strategic roads in the city, saying, "The vultures are waging a strong attack to control the entire link road between Haditha and Baiji.

"This comes as Iraqi security forces continue joint, provided caution towards the government buildings complex center of Ramadi, in the framework of the campaign to restore the city from the grip of militants regulation.

and began gray restoration process a month ago, to cut off supply lines of the organization, then gradually control on the perimeter of the city, and that the support of the international airline alliance. And will lead the city restored to isolate stronghold organization in Fallujah.

On the other hand, said a security source in Kirkuk province, Saturday, that the joint special forces conducted airdrops to organize "Daash" Other and the headquarters of South Arabic Kirkuk court process, indicating that it had found important documents and arrested a number of the elements of the organization.

The source said Vian "Coalition forces and in cooperation with the anti-terrorism device Sulaymaniyah carried out, yesterday evening, the process of airdrops in the Riyadh area (45 km southwest of Kirkuk), on the headquarters of terrorist Daash gangs, a security headquarters in the dispensary Riyadh and the role of agriculture and the Court of regulation , during which he managed to grab important documents, "noting that" the force arrested a number of elements of the organization during the operation. "

The source, who asked not to be named, said that "the force withdrew from the side without causing any losses which," adding, "he was the transfer of detainees to a security center for interrogation.

"The US special forces managed in (October 22, 2015), edited by 70 hostage in northern Iraq, while a security source told Alsumaria News for, the operation was carried out in Hawija southwest of Kirkuk province.