Member of Finance: World Bank loan will benefit Iraq if properly exploited

12/26/2015 09:20 GMT

Baghdad and babysit - between a member of the parliamentary finance committee Hossam punitive, that the loan obtained by Iraq from the World Bank will come to benefit the upcoming 2016 budget.

Punitive in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit), on Saturday, said that "the loan obtained by Iraq from the World Bank, worth one billion and 200 million dollars will return a good interest rate on Iraq, considering that a long-term paid and up to 10 years very little interest," pointing to "the existence of conditions to give this loan, which must be activated in useful for the Iraqi people and that the areas of investment is not just salaries and grants."

Punitive and pointed out that "other conditions of the loan are the direct guidance right through the rationalization of spending on the one hand and investment in the field of energy such as oil and electricity on the other hand" g / h