Researcher: Iraq economic ideal market to invest in it by the major powers

12/26/2015 08:45 GMT

Baghdad and babysit - said researcher and political analyst Aziz Jabr, said China from permanent members of the United Nations, the major economies of developing countries and represent a very large.

Jabr in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit), on Saturday, said that "China is a major economic weight especially as they are in the organization Derricks and other important organizations member," pointing out that "China of countries that seeks to restore the power of economic Asia after that exceeded the strength of Japan. "

And between Jabr "in the case of Iraq take advantage of Japan's strength and the strength of China's economic return of Asia from the world's largest economies in the continent," noting "the need for openness of Iraq to other countries that can provide assistance to Iraq, and China, countries that seek to help Iraq economically." .

He Jabr that "Iraq is a promising market economy and countries can invest in all activities adopted by the companies" g / h