Iraq protests continue on the impact of the demands of the central and local reform


Friday 0.25 December 0.2015

Continued popular protests in several provinces in Iraq on Friday to press for further reforms at the level of the central government and local administrations.

Since months thousands out of Iraqi Fridays in the provinces of the center and south of the country calling for reform of the conditions of the country and tackle corruption which about state institutions to the hotbeds of patronage and use illegal.

Dozens of citizens in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad to demand not to touch the salaries of pensioners and low-income people in protest at the new Alrawatb table.

It also raised the protesters slogans denouncing corruption in the country and demanded the prosecution of corrupt officials.

In Karbala, dozens gathered downtown to demand the government to conduct further reforms flowing in favor of the fight against corruption and provide public services.

Celebrated demonstrators also the progress of Iraqi forces in the military campaign to restore the city of Ramadi, al Daash.
and went out similar protests in the provinces of Maysan, Dhi Qar, Muthanna, Wasit south of the country.

At the close of Habboubi Square Nasiriyah city center of protesters chanted to save the marshes of the country Drought after lowering the water level in it, which led to the death of animals and now its population vulnerable to disease.

As protesters in the provinces of Diwaniyah and Babylon student to demand the activation of mechanisms to combat corruption and make wider reforms.

In Basra, hundreds of people near the Office of the province to demand the award of security in Basra after recording kidnappings have been killed in recent weeks.

During the demonstration, in which a number of the victims of those crimes, the protesters demanded a wide reforms, including reform of the security situation and the implementation of the death penalty for those involved to commit murder who were arrested recently, and the disclosure of those who stand behind them or trying to their defense.