Maliki and Alebadi.alarac between the first two disasters making stupid and the second walked it!

Ali Ziadi

Friday 0.25 December 0.2015

Nuri al-Maliki. Personal were not widely known in 2003 and Matbah after the American occupation, even if Ibrahim al-Jaafari has acted wisely and half-inspired Maiday of religion and condemns what Maliki could reach Maousel him to be a substitute for al-Jaafari's administration, which established the sectarian and signs of chaos abnormal and al-Qaeda, which says an option the legitimacy of the looting of public money as long as the owner does not have!

Khalifa al-Maliki and Jaafari are two of the single party came on he will deal with the outcome of the country when things became Square sectarian qualifying and the spread of the phenomena of unidentified bodies and death squads organized gangs and militias.

But al-Maliki quickly revealed his intentions on clinging to power and fired his most famous is sectarian (Manntaha). Wondrous thing this man has been able to remain in power if he acted as a statesman in a country that has moved from dictatorship to democratic rule. Maliki and acted during the last year of his second term, is no different from the action of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt! But it's no different for the conduct of the former Baath regime it had been carried out will say that you were not with me, you are against me. It follows the second option may end up various things to your jail.

The second term of the owners came against the backdrop of an agreement signed in Erbil and Erbil called the document, which turned out al-Maliki shortly after to form his second government. And things going suspiciously as if God Almighty that makes them deliberately working against the people and against the country Fsad of allowing them to dispel the wealth of the people and increase their deployment of poverty and hunger, murder and sectarian conflict.

None of the modern and ancient history leaders had abused its people such as al-Maliki did and its leaders are the leaders brutalize simple builders of people and give criminals the influence and funds in order to remain loyal to the Sultan, this being the day by al-Maliki's policies and his government, which made stupid when I imagined that the purchase of receivables leaders but making it successful government fell in the first Tejrebhhan Sons of Iraq came out in Anbar protesting against injustice and unfair policies that befell them which of the unjust policies that solve the children of the south as well, but the difference is that opium is naive spreads in the south remained silent about injustice and is continuing silence despite the fact that hunger and poverty spreads between its land! Really cemetery equation.

The rule of al-Maliki stage was characterized by making stupid even if the government had acted simple little wisdom and invested gain of 10% of the budgets set for itself properly to the lesser of the command and Maliki continuous governance until today because ten percentage percent that say it will reach $ 100 billion, and if we take into consideration that (Dubai) as a global city has built a $ 60 billion it is supposed to be our two cities the size of the development and construction of Dubai !!

Maliki made any stupid? Overnmtah preoccupied with murder, forgery and mismanagement of funds and bleeding relying on oil and open the doors of the country to smuggle the dollar and import everything is bad and that a real disaster enshrined in the governments of al-Maliki after he collapsed industry, agriculture and trade.

Stupidity that made at the time of al-Maliki to make the government and joint parties which think only in the elections they are Atndz any action for fear of that calculates the success of this party or the other and as a result they are surpassed only in injustice and dissemination of slums and shanty towns to take advantage of them as voices electoral On this case the Iraqi reality has continued for the past years that followed the US occupation obnoxious government authorities, who handed to beggars were living on humanitarian aid organizations they became today have billions of dollars looted from the Iraqi people, who faces an uncertain future funds!

After all that has been through the states of al-Maliki Some imagine that the situation will change for the better when Mr. Abadi assume the presidency of the government, forgetting that the two men of one party and one culture and system supervised every disaster that has befallen Iraq during the years following the Jaafari government one Valebadi of members of the state law that People deceived and did not fulfill the promise of one of its promises and electoral rather than govern justly began to establish sectarianism and injustice to the great finishes of the case has been handed over half of Iraq's area of ​​terrorism intentionally or unintentionally! And so it's not surprising that Mr. Abadi was on a line is drawn to him by al-Maliki system, which wanted a weak man Leicester Aouradtha her and her sins and disasters that wreaked havoc in the country Mapadh ruined!

I say to Mr. Abadi and aspects of his question. If that Iraq is free of oil do you will die of starvation?

Lord Haider problem is not oil. The truth does not have a deficit in the budgets of the post-al-Maliki, but the deficit in the minds which manages the affairs of the country even though they are illiteracy and underdevelopment think they know everything. Lord Haider Abadi, if the government wanted to work properly and patriotic that they can only financially even without oil money! Yes without oil money Iraq is located in the heart of the world and a set of simple decisions can reap the State in which billions of dollars away from the major oil resources and Tamtna Lord Haider al-Abadi that your government is going to the same stupid, founded by al-Maliki during his two terms. And the God of the intent behind !!