Start preparing the agenda of the summit Baghdad


With observations and proposals Iraqi
Baghdad - Cairo - Al Sabah

I learned the "morning" that the Arab League began to prepare the agenda of the summit of Baghdad, in a move that blocks the road in front of skeptics holding them. Coincide these developments with the continued declaration of the Arab states share the highest levels, and with the rising tone of optimism, the exit of the top results of an unprecedented, particularly as the first after the Arab spring which has seen so far to change the three systems was described as a dictator. said Arab source "morning": that "the agenda, which began to prepare his will include observations of Iraq, in addition to the proposals from other countries." The source added that there was "optimistic Arab significantly after access on the report submitted by the technical committee a few days ago. "The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Nabil el-Arabi, said in a news conference special arrangements for the final summit, in response to a question delegate the" morning "in Cairo Isra Khalifa yesterday:" The completion of all the final arrangements that have been agreed upon with the Iraqi side and according to the comprehensive plan ...

And told the Arab countries for which responses will come soon, "as revealed by government spokesman Ali Dabbagh said an initial agreement took place between Iraq and the Arab League to launch the label" declaration of Baghdad, "the results and decisions will come out of the next Arab Summit to be held in the Iraqi capital late March ongoing. For his part, Minister of Industry and Minerals, Ahmed Nasser Karbouli welcome presidents of Yemen and Djibouti and the Union of the Comoros to attend the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad.

Indicated that the source of the Arab world has revealed the "morning" of the existence of faith by most Arab leaders to participate in the summit after sending the Arab League, its report on the preparations of Baghdad, all the Arab capitals. In Tunisia, research and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Ali al-Adeeb with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia prospects for cooperation between the two countries. and news agency said the Tunisian: the two sides agreed on the importance of enhancing coordination between the two countries on various international and regional issues, particularly the forthcoming Arab summit to be held in Baghdad. The writer handed Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki letter of invitation from President Jalal Talabani to attend a conference the next Arab summit, where the latter promised to attend. either in Cairo, he said the Iraqi ambassador to Egypt Nizar goodness of God should work together the efforts of all parties for the success of the Arab summit in Baghdad under the circumstances taking place in the Arab world, pointing out that Egypt confirmed its presence for the summit.