Iraqi authorities: "Daash" controls only 30% of gray .. and troops preparing for the fiercest battle against the organization to regain control of the city

Atlanta, United States (CNN) - Vice Chairman of the Anbar province, Faleh al-Issawi for CNN, Thursday, that the organization "Daash" currently controls only 30% of the city of Ramadi, where the Iraqi army launched a military operation since Tuesday to regain control of the city .

Issawi said that the Iraqi forces are preparing to fight what he described as "the fiercest battle" against elements of the "Daash" to regain full control of the gray from the grip of the organization.

He explained that the Iraqi forces are now moving in the direction of a strategic neighborhood separated from the government complex in the city, which includes security headquarters, government offices and courts center.

Issawi said that the troops preparing for "the fiercest battle" against about 500 component of the organization "Daash," and urged hundreds of civilians caught in the middle of the battle to raise white flags even help them in troops out safely.

He added: "It seems that the military operation to liberate the gray made little progress, and we hope that troops can over the next two days of the liberation of the city in full."