Parliamentary media describing the Arab League decision to stop sectarian broadcast channels as "unrealistic"

Thursday 24 December 2015 | 18:51

BAGHDAD / .. confirmed member of the Committee of Culture and Information covenants Fadhli, Thursday, that the Arab League proposal for Iraq's decision to stop airing offensive and inciting sectarian channels on the "unrealistic" and not real.

She said Fadhli's "Eye Iraq News" that "at the University of states to pass a law required the member states to stop the broadcast of sectarian channels that incite violence and not a media decisions do not apply on the ground," noting that "some Arab countries are supporting the sectarian channels according to their policies ".

Called "League of Arab States to issue a decision needs to be League members to detect and expose who is funded by those sectarian channels that incite violence," adding that "Iraq suffered a lot of those channels are aired between Iraqi superlative toxins with deeply regret."

As announced the media and communications in Iraq, on Wednesday, for the adoption of the Arab League proposal for Iraq to stop broadcast of abusive and inciting sectarian channels in the Arab countries. Ended 9