Newsweek: Daash foreign militants just stayed in Ramadi amid expectations of a protracted liberation

2015-12-24 20:37:05 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Revealed a US magazine, on Thursday, for the survival of foreign militants from the elements (Daash) in Ramadi, after the "escape" of local peers of them since last May, and while showed that Iraqi authorities expect the liberation of the city by the Christmas New Year's Day, confirmed that US military officials expect "a long way" must go before the announcement of the liberation of the presence of a lot of "difficult terrain to be overcome."

She said Newsweek Newsweek magazine America, in a report today, I followed the (long-Presse), said that "foreign fighters only from militants Daash, are remained in the gray face of the Iraqi forces," noting that "local fighters who were with Daash fled the city with Iraqi forces advance towards it. "

It quoted Alniosek, all Special Adviser and a spokesman for the governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi, saying that "foreign fighters with Daash are only those who remained in Ramadi after he left the local militants last May, to escape the progress the Iraqi army attacks during the march towards the city."

Said Muhannad Haymour, in his interview with the magazine, said that "the people who helped Daash control of Ramadi last May, who worked double agents or sleeper cells, had left the city, leaving a few hundred foreign militants where," noting that with the "foreign fighters remaining in front of Iraqi forces advance, were resorting to hostage-book style, and prevented civilians from leaving the gray. "

According to the magazine, that "the Iraqi authorities predicted earlier in December the current 2015, be restored gray grip Daash, by no later than (twenty-fifth of this month)," pointing out that "Iraqi forces backed by Bmslha clans and aircraft American Alliance, It stormed the city, last Tuesday (December 22 of the current 2015). "

He said the governor of Anbar adviser, that "the military operation to liberate gray, going according to plan and will end a great victory," asserting that "the Iraqi forces continue to progress for the Liberation of gray by the New Year's holiday."

He Haymour, that "the local government in Anbar, created the preparations for his vessel following the liberation of Ramadi, to the implementation of the stability of the city plan," Msttrda that "it includes a set of generators and water pumps to enable the people displaced from returning to their homes."

On the other hand Newsweek said, "The spokesman for the international coalition in Baghdad, Lt. Col. Steve Warren, was more skeptical in appreciation for the duration of the process of liberalization of gray grip Daash".

The magazine quoted Warren, as saying in an interview by telephone, said that there is "a long way to have to go before the announcement of the full liberalization of gray," noting that there are "a lot of difficult terrain to be overcome."

He warned a spokesman for the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), Steve Warren, also from "other difficulties is that the city is home to population centers overcrowded, with crooked and narrow streets,"

According to tweets sent by Colonel Warren, on its position in the social networking Twitter) site, on the first Tuesday, he said that "militants Daash and distributed leaflets in the city of Fallujah, asking their followers to wear uniforms of the Iraqi army fighters to carry out atrocities and throwing followed by the army."

The army and the crowd for the people of Anbar tribal continue their progress for the Liberation of Ramadi (110 km west of Baghdad), from (Daash), backed by the international airline alliance, where they were able to enter many areas of the city.