Minister of Justice announced the arrest of 500 confidential informant confirms near open "prisoners of the occupation," You

2015-12-24 20:59:05 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The Minister of Justice Haider Zamili, Thursday, for the arrest of more than 500 confidential informant and bring them to trial after being charged with "malicious prosecution" to their cases, and as pointed out the absence of his ministry prisons of any human rights violations, confirmed near open "prisoners of the occupation," files.

Said Zamili in an interview with Alsumaria, he said that "more than 500 confidential informant were arrested recently and brought to trial after being charged with the prosecution malicious to their cases," pointing out that "the death sentences and cases in the Supreme Judicial which include the existence of a secret informant Council are audited Center".

He Zamili, that "the Ministry of Justice prisons where any violations of human rights do not exist," referring to "the development of system cameras covering all cells, including solitary confinement for the purpose of transparency."

And on the raised Asked about the existence of prisoners have spent months in detention without being tried, confirmed Zamili, that "part of this is true and there is cooperation line with the Supreme Judicial Council in this regard."

He explained that "these were present in the detention camps of the US occupation, and at the exit of the occupation turned out to be a group of them do not have court orders have been placed in prisons without the files."

He Zamili, that "the Supreme Judicial Council will send a panel of judges to discuss the files of these people, and if it is proved that the prisoner is an updated his papers will be released immediately."

The parliamentary legal committee announced (November 16, 2015), about the existence of a parliamentary claims universally detainees confidential informant issues general amnesty without re-trial, while the eye to the existence of political claims obtaining exceptions law.

He revealed the Supreme Judicial Council, earlier, about the existence of 498 secret informant "liar" in Baghdad, as he emphasized referred to the courts after notifying them "false news."