Economic parliamentary: the national industry needed money and laws to promote the economic aspect

12/24/2015 12:01

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad:

The Commission on Economy and Investment parliamentary member of the olive-Dulaimi, said Thursday that the Iraqi national industry needed money and legislation protecting domestic product and consumer protection laws in addition to allocate sufficient funds to promote the reality of Iraq and economic.

Said al-Dulaimi for "tomorrow Press," that "the national industry can be supported through the application of the customs tariff and the law of product protection, and the Consumer Protection Act and such laws if it did possible to live up to the national industry", calling on the government to "assist the Ministry of Industry and Minerals through loans to set up industry local to promote the private sector. "

He added that "the national industry needed money and laws to promote industrial and economic side in Iraq," noting that "industrial renaissance in Iraq are good and need to activate by the state and the people."