Iraq is seeking to reopen the line connecting the oil pipeline to Saudi Arabia

Thursday 24-12-2015 | 1:04:55

Twilight News / Iraqi government Sabah newspaper reported that Baghdad is seeking to re-open the line across Saudi territory the export of crude oil pipelines, which closed in 1990 and that, quoting an unnamed Iraqi official.

The daily newspaper published from Baghdad, "the oil ministry began moves to revive the Iraqi-Saudi oil export line within the ministry orientations to diversify export outlets."

A spokesman for the Iraqi Oil Ministry declined to comment on the report.

Saudi Arabia closed the pipeline in 1990, after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. The line conveys Iraqi crude to the Saudi port of Yanbu on the Red Sea.

It was the pipeline in the eighties during the Iran-Iraq war to diversify Iraq's export outlets when both countries attacked tankers other country in the Gulf.