Saudi ambassador: embassy began work in Baghdad and we seek to strengthen bilateral relations

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Iraq Thamer Sabhan said, that his country's embassy began work in Baghdad in order to further characterize the relationship between the two countries, and between us we seek to strengthen bilateral relations in several areas. And between in a press statement that "we deal with countries nothing to do with our people, and all that excited about the return of the embassy to Baghdad, from non-responsible in Iraq, does not concern us nor Enairh any importance." He pointed out that "the Iraqi Foreign Ministry and the Iraqi embassy in Riyadh had great efforts Bmutirhm on the return of the embassy, ​​"and expressed his thanks and appreciation for" their [the State Department and the Iraqi Embassy], which resulted in the completion of all the required and that one hand to serve the two brotherly countries to work. "It was Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Iraq Thamer Sabhan, revealed in 15 of the this month that his country's mission to Iraq, will start its functions during the next two days down payment charge d'affaires level, to commence shortly thereafter when things protocol required is complete.
He explained Sabhan that the priorities of his duties in Iraq will focus on the file of the detainees and the opening of a border port between the two countries.
The Saudi may announced its intention to open its embassy in Baghdad and a consulate in Arbil, after a quarter-century of diplomatic estrangement with Iraq.
Previously appointed to Saudi Arabia that the military supplement in Lebanon Thamer Sabhan Ambassador to Iraq ".