Dry demanding ambassadors coalition countries of seeking to transfer the wounded Peshmerga for treatment outside Iraq

demanded that a member of the Commission on Human Rights dry Algnapehachoaq, ambassadors of the participating countries the international alliance to fight Daash seeking to provide assistance and to facilitate the visa wounded Peshmerga forces outside Iraq for treatment.
She said dry in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "the Kurdistan region is suffering from a severe financial crisis due not to send the budget since 2014 and until today, which led to be treating the wounded in order of priority in the severity of the injury."
She that "some elements of the Peshmerga to Aatlq treatment or delayed, which leads to health complications and sometimes aggravate the injury to the occurrence of paralysis or disability permanent sometimes."
She drew Kurdish MP to "contribute to the international coalition countries to facilitate the granting of visa [Visa] to the injured and to ensure their treatment is less than what can be The offering of these countries for these fighters who are still fighting fiercely in all fronts on behalf of the world against al-terrorists Daash.
"The official spokesman for the Ministry of Peshmerga in the Kurdistan region, Jabbar Yawar, had last month said the last statistics for the victims of the Peshmerga forces since the takeover Daash the city of Mosul in from 10 June 2014 up to 24 of the month of November last element of martyrdom in 1288 and 7544 wounded, injured and 62 Mvcoda.