Dhafer al-Ani: Battle "liberation" gray "clean" because the crowd far from it popular

2015-12-24 00:18:59 | (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

Leader of the Alliance of Iraqi forces Dhafer al-Ani said that the battle to liberate gray "clean" because the popular crowd far from it.

Ani said in a statement: "many advantages singled out the battle to liberate gray from others stand in the forefront of it came this time free of sectarian complexities that have been contaminated by previous battles such as Tikrit and Baiji and the rock cliff and the other."

"It's the problems that bedeviled the thrill of victory to the Iraqis because they are associated with serious violations of the rights of citizens and their property, and prevented the return of the displaced and Ogrguetna sectarian problems we were in the indispensable".

He pointed out that "the Battle of Ramadi characterized as managed and professionally so far because who Iqaron terrorism Aldaasha are men valiant Iraqi military and the local population of the sons of the tribes in Anbar, as well as the assistance of the international coalition through aerial bombardment."

He concluded by saying, "From here there is a need to exhort the faithful in the popular crowd that allow our provinces without freedom from political interference to confuse the security landscape and add complexities to excuse her eight sons of the occupied territories of terrorism, first the job as long as they are able it."