Abadi: The government has made significant progress in the fight against the terrorist Daash and 80% of Iraq safe

Dec 23, 2015 16:38

BAGHDAD - Baghdad News .. promised Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Wednesday, issuing preferential policies and measures to facilitate investment of Chinese companies in Iraq, saying that the "belt and the road" economic raised by the Chinese president's initiative will create new opportunities for cooperation between the two countries.
Ebadi said in an interview with the agency "Xinhua" Chinese and pursued Baghdadi News, "The" belt and the road "put forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping that the initiative will create new opportunities for strengthening cooperation between China and Iraq," noting that "the initiative is very important and vital to Iraq."
He added, "The Iraqi government is looking to attract more investment by Chinese companies in the field of oil, electricity and telecommunications, infrastructure, manufacturing, rail, agriculture and others," explaining that "the trade volume between China and Iraq amounted to US $ 28 billion in 2014, up from $ 14 billion US dollars in 2011, which is a great progress thanks to the deepening of cooperation between the two sides and increase the projects Chinese companies in Iraq. "
He said Abadi, that "the Iraqi government will issue preferential policies and facilitate investment procedures for Chinese companies and other foreign companies and open all investment prospects in the various sectors of the Chinese side after the establishment of the strategic partnership between the two countries, in order to expand these relations and the removal of all sanctions even served on both sides."
He expressed "hope the Chinese government to encourage and fund local companies to inject more investment in Iraq," noting that "the Iraqi government has launched extensive reforms to drive economic diversification and create favorable conditions for investment."
In a related context, the Prime Minister stressed, "The Iraqi government has made great advances in the fight against the organization" Daash ", where 80 percent of Iraqi territory safe", waving that "the government will make all efforts to create a safe environment to attract investments of foreign companies and private companies Chinese".
He praised Ebadi as "Chinese attitudes about Iraqi issues, especially as they have contributed to the strengthening of stability and unity in Iraq on the basis of respecting the sovereignty of the country," expressing his "appreciation for China's consistent position in Syria and find a peaceful solution to this raging, especially as the stability in Syria, in turn, will enhance stability in crisis Iraq, too. "
Held Wednesday in Beijing forum the second Chinese Iraqi economic cooperation, which was held in the presence of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and some ministers of Iraq as well as representatives of about 60 Chinese companies in the energy, oil, electricity, telecommunications, infrastructure, manufacturing and China Railway and agriculture.