World gas prices are trending upward because of weather forecast

2312 2015
Natural gas prices rose during the past two days by 10% in the United States because of the weather down temperatures in the first week of 2016 to more than the usual expectations.

In the previous week, gas prices hit the lowest level since March 1999.

US natural gas prices have fallen nearly 30% since the month of November because of relatively weak demand amid hot weather is normal.

Demand for heating gas also fell by 20% during the current month compared with the previous year's level and 30% compared with the average consumption in 30 years. Whereas, the American gas production fell 2% by the scarcity of 2014. However, the American companies to raise gas exports to twice the level to Mexico so there is no great abundance.

Participants estimated the market potential gas dropped to the level of the deficit in the event of cold wave. The number of gas rigs fell by 17 to 168 and is not the lowest in the last 28 years, according to Baker Hughes. -Energy companies took the opportunity to benefit from declining prices, due to low gas prices have cut purchases of oil and gas production to increase electricity production by 34% compared with the average last thirty years. Decline in the total volume of short transactions gas NYMEX and ICE to the lowest level since September, according to the Inter-American Commission Futures report.

Because of the season factor in oil prices it has been going the American Gas WTI steps and go up towards the top, and which in turn may support the Russian ruble

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