Economist: the lack of appointments until 2019 is not free from the pros

By Mustafa Curran

8 hours ago

Roudao - Baghdad

Said economic expert, Abdul Wahid Taha, said the no-appointments within the budgets of financial Iraq until 2019, will help to improve the economic situation in the country.

Taha said the network Roudao media that "the decision not to appoint citizens, came at the request of the World Bank, as a condition to lend Iraq money."

He said Taha "From the economic point of view, do not set the citizens, will raise the level of the Iraqi economy, and will pay people to rely on themselves to resort to work in the private sector."

Taha said that "the Iraqi government must draw a good plan, the legislation of laws that support the private sector, and help people to open small and medium-sized projects."

He was a member of the Finance Committee in Parliament MP Masood Haider, revealed last Monday, for lack of appointments in the country up to 2019, attributing the reason for this is to lower the sale price of oil, as pointed out that there are problems encounter employees' salaries over the next year for the same reason.