Interior: some crimes dating back to the economic crisis

12/23/2015 17:49

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: the Interior Ministry said, Wednesday, that some crimes dating back to the economic and financial crisis.

According to general manager of media relations at the ministry and Ibrahim al-Abadi, that "the high rate of crime is linked to the economic and financial crisis, noting that" there are organized gangs exploiting some circumstances and take advantage of the current crisis of the country. "

"The criminals are moving all the time and times and that their goals are clear of murder and robbery and armed robbery, explaining that" some young people resort to illegal methods to earn money, including the crime or join gangs in the prevalence of poverty in the state. "

Abadi said that "the high rate of crimes is closely linked to the financial crisis, as the security forces are working day and night and did not relax in order to combat crime and change plans and strategies in the long term and the short."