Immortal: We have reached to import gas from Iraq agreement .. and countries overcome the outstanding issues

2312 2015
Joint Committee held its fifth meeting attended by more than 15-point between the two countries
Foreign Minister: the movement of citizens between the two countries has seen more than 142 thousand Iraqi citizen compared to 50 thousand people have crossed the Kuwaiti-Iraqi border
Trade exchange between the two countries is relatively increased since last year, equivalent to 2%
In understanding all the requirements for the management of navigation between the two countries and a memorandum of understanding detailed working out will start soon
Kuwait's position is clear to the full sovereignty of Iraq and respect the Arab conventions which provide for the sovereignty of States
Jaafari: Looking to Kuwait with appreciation as they stood by Iraq and the Iraqi vote expressed grievances
First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid welcomed the visit of Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari and members of his entourage in their second Kuwait, explaining that he has an interview Highness the Deputy Amir and Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad with the visiting delegation and listened to the visions of his wise about the strengthening of relations between the two countries brotherly countries and upgrade them to greater heights, stressing his blessing to all the efforts of the parties to upgrade the common areas of cooperation so as to achieve the hopes and aspirations of the peoples of the two brotherly countries.
This came during a press conference held on the sidelines of the Iraqi-Kuwaiti Committee, adding that they Cserva meet with His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak prime minister since taken his work of the Joint Commission between the two countries and how to get to the desired through which the goals, pointing out that there have been extensive and fruitful meetings with Minister Iraqi Foreign Ibrahim al-Jaafari reflected a convergence of views on all the issues at hand.
He stressed that the most prominent of what has been put forward between the two delegations total rejection of terrorism in all its forms, as well as terrorist crimes suffered by the sisterly and friendly countries, stressing the need to stand together in the face of terrorism and terrorist groups, especially that the two countries vulnerable to incidents of terrorism, pointing out that there are agreements to fight against terrorism and take all the ways and means at hand to fight such gatherings and terrorist organizations, adding that the constant Kuwait's position in support of Iraq and to stand with him in the face of terrorism, reiterated the call of the Arab community to stand in the Iraq row to face the challenges.

He pointed out that the eternal relations between the two countries is witnessing remarkable progress in recent years through the common areas of cooperation, and praised the endeavor of the two countries to progress and consolidate relations through future through agreements and worksheets to be adopted. And through the Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations, the Joint Committee held its fifth meeting in the presence of more than 15 hand between the two countries was discussed many topics and mechanisms that will strengthen relations between the two countries.

He said the meetings dealt ask achievements last year adopted at all levels and various fields such as the opening of consulates general categories of Kuwait in Basra and Arbil, in addition to the consolidation of the business relationship and facilitate the movement of citizens between the two countries, where across the Kuwaiti border more than 142 000 Iraqi citizen versus 50 000 Kuwaiti citizen crossed the Iraqi border.

Immortal And that was signed four agreements between the two countries today (yesterday) in the field of inspection and control, Youth and Sports and activate the interconnection of communication between the two countries via a fiber optic, pointing out that the number of agreements which are concluded between the two countries reached 49 agreement, wishing the relationships Kuwait Iraq further progress and prosperity.

Asked about the volume of trade exchange between the two countries and the possibility of supplying Iraq of Kuwait gas, immortal he said an agreement was reached to supply Kuwait Iraqi gas to the presence of excess has, noting that the two competent in the two countries will meet to put the finishing touches required on this topic, explaining that the volume of trade exchange between the two countries it is relatively increased since last year, equivalent to 22%, praising the relations between the two countries and mutual understanding between the two sides in various fields.

Asked about the presence of any obstacle to progress Kuwaiti-Iraqi relations, Al-Khalid said the relations between the two countries exceeded during the past years all the obstacles were a lot of outstanding issues achievement, we also proceed from the firm ground to strengthen and deepen the relations, and the start of the Commission at its fifty-fifth the past resulted in additions positive.

In response to a question about what has been agreed upon after 162 marine point that separates the maritime line between the two countries, said the immortal that momentum in relations between the two countries way past all the sediment in our way, we have achieved impressive results in a short time, adding that he According to UN resolution 833 concerning the demarcation between Kuwait and Iraq entrusted the two countries responsibility sit down to discuss what after this point and the achievement of the agreement, either in connection with maritime navigation has been understanding about all the requirements to ensure the work of the committee formed to manage navigation, down to the memorandum detailed understanding working out will begin in soon.
And about the emergency meeting of the Arab League Council next Thursday at the request of Iraq to determine the Arab position regarding the Turkish intervention in Iraq and the Kuwaiti position, Al-Khalid said: Kuwait's position is clear and explicit, and we are with Iraq's sovereignty full which from which our foreign policy of the United Nations Charter and respect for Arab conventions provide for the sovereignty of States.
For his part, Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said that the Kuwaiti-Iraqi relations remain tall in the face of the winds of challenge has demonstrated past events that this relationship has the strongest degree of credibility, where groaning children of all the people of his brothers and Oazaih of the sons of other people, has docked with the realities of geography and history and facts and vital community between the two peoples, to the extent that it can serve as a model for a contemporary world that admiration bow and pay homage to the Iraqi Kuwaiti relations.
He said I am happy with what I heard in the meetings that I attended in Kuwait and was overprinted crown harmony is determined to cross to the beach the agreement, and it was Hraaha intellectually, mentally and morally and friendly, and I had the honor to meet with His Highness the Deputy Amir and His Highness the Prime Minister, and the speech was vibrant with honesty and emphasize careful to pay Iraqi relations Kuwait to be the best, which was the subject of satisfaction and appreciation and respect all of them.

Between al-Jaafari and that terrorism is the real enemy, not a phantom enemy, contrived and animosities that stem from natural and human differences on the level of sectarian and ethnic and political differences they are all fabricated and baseless our enemies grow these differences between us. Iraq today and addressed first in line to confront terrorism, defending himself, along with all countries of the world, without exception, because the members of the «Daash» came to Iraq they belong today to more than 100 countries. Iraqis Stroa grandest epics blood everywhere and are clearing the areas occupied by «Daash» and Aiqarunhm after that they were close to Baghdad, and now Baghdad is safe from their evil, especially the area known Balafrat East between Karbala and Hilla and the rock cliff, and they were only yesterday in Diyala and Erbil area and now by retreating Iraqi military successive strikes.

He explained that runs operations and manages ground operation wheel on the ground, they are Iraqis only, we are responsible for our country and say that there is ground troops enter Iraq and defended not believe him, Iraqis are the only ones who defend Iraq, noting that there is coordination with us by forces Alliance in providing air cover as it provides us with some advisers and training opportunities and this is not a shame we Iraqi sovereignty upholds her sons only and thank God we do not have a scarcity of men do not want the world to send her children instead of our children to fight in Iraq, stressing that the financial and economic crises the other is taken globally oriented and Iraq is facing and fighting on many fronts even stand up and settle down on the ground, as we look with appreciation and gratitude for each state stood by Iraq, especially in the circumstances of the ordeal.

And Kuwait from those countries that have a look respectfully because they stood by Iraq was a strong and supportive position for the rule of Iraq and we appreciate and value this position and are well aware that Saddam, who touched the sovereignty of Kuwait and broke their security may touch the sovereignty and security of Iraq and the looting of its wealth as plunder Kuwaiti riches, but here's We ship Kuwaiti-Iraqi relations have been docked on the shore of stability because it represents the two peoples, so do not fear them as long as there is not a dictatorship in Iraq.

In response to a question about some of the statements attributed to Gulf channels to kidnap Qatari hostages through one of the groups, the popular crowd and the extent of its proximity to the Iraqi government, al-Jaafari said Iraq today his regime constitutional does not allow him manners such things, and today there are those who excludes government that there is a relationship between them with a group or party outside the law, pointing out that many countries such as Turkey took place where such things and suspicions, stressing that Iraq is distorting security has been exploited by the enemy, stressing that the security of Iraq under the sight of the armed forces, the State Department is the only party responsible for the things Foreign.

And on the development of Iraqi-Arab relations, al-Jaafari said Iraq is witnessing developments in the relations not only at the level of governments, but to all social levels between the Iraqi people and the Arab peoples.

And the disparity of government relations between Iraq and some Arab countries, al-Jaafari said that we look at relations on the standards of people in these countries, and we aspire to reach economic and security Supreme cooperation with Arab countries and the countries of the region, particularly as we belong to the history of one private and the nature of geography, noting that relations Iraqi-Kuwaiti made significant strides down to what we are witnessing today.

Jaafari said about the balance between the defense of Iraqi sovereignty and the search for external support to fight al-Islamic state that there is a contradiction that we uphold our sovereignty and do not allow for a Ban beyond, either external support is under international conventions to fight terrorism, and what we are looking for is to reach agreements through dialogue with the States instead of following the gun policy and our commitment to this cooperation under that sovereignty is a red line, indicating that the use of Iraq to the Security Council is normal, and Turkey is our friend and our neighbor, and we are bound by social and close political ties but when it penetrates the sovereignty we must defend ourselves, Iraq not and will not be allowed to bypass sovereignty is not a dictatorship in ways that were followed when Saddam attacked the neighboring countries such as Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, as Iraqis and we know that our sovereignty is a red line that can not be exceeded.

About the claim of an Iraqi parliamentarians frustrated military international Islamist alliance, called by Saudi Arabia, al-Jaafari said: We heard about the existence of the initiative of an Islamic alliance, and this is for us a strange thing, Iraq was not talking through the TV screen, it represents a historical and cultural depth, and must address Iraq as Khotabt rest of the countries, all the countries address and take sufficient time share As for it being an Islamic state is not a problem, we are our war against terrorism, not Sunnis or Shiites, Iraq combines these two components and living in Wad, which is capable of handling between tranches wisely, and there are no large Iraqi tribe only and the Sunnis and Shiites, and we need to symbols of both sides to keep the interrelationships between tranches, Iraq faces the challenge to ignite sedition between the two communities, and this is an opportunity Anthzha to say that the relationship between Sunnis and Shiites runs from the Koran.
And about American ground intervention in Iraq after a secret visit by the US Secretary of Defense and the US presence, al-Jaafari said: We caught agreement would not return the ghost of the occupation on the ground and the Iraqi defiled, as happened in Japan, this is detrimental to the interests of the Iraqi citizen, and said he did not objection to the presence of air cover while respecting Iraqi sovereignty to be tossing away from the parents, and limited ground presence on Iraqi forces, and happens on any ground intervention will extend a note of protest and would not hesitate in the fight against it.
Cooperation Council condemns and calls for decisive action
Jaafari: nothing to do with the kidnapping of Qatari Iraq
Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said in response to a question about downloading the Gulf Cooperation Council, Iraq's responsibility for the kidnapping of 26 fishermen Qatari birds who Achttefoaalasbua past in southern Iraq: that Iraq was not responsible for any military group, whether belonging to the interior or defense carried out a kidnapping, and we are doing all efforts to free them and we hope to be in a safe area so as not to be harmed in any ill, describing the kidnapping is like a dagger touched the sovereignty of Iraq as touching the kidnappers, we would never allow that kidnaps or affect any guest of guests Iraq, and the government since the early hours undertook to research and come up with reasons and circumstances of the process kidnapping even some of them have been released and remained group is making all efforts to know their whereabouts and to release them.

On the other hand, it calls for the Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, the Iraqi government, «bear the international legal responsibilities, and to take decisive and immediate to ensure the safety of Qatari kidnapped in Iraq and release procedures as soon as possible». This came in a statement issued by the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council, on Tuesday. General Secretariat said in a statement that it «is following with deep concern the issue of the abduction of a number of southern Iraq Qatari nationals. This is a shameful act a flagrant violation of international law, and violation of human rights, and contrary to the provisions of the sacred religion of Islam by the kidnappers, and pursuant to unacceptable harm to the bonds of fraternal relations between the Arab brothers ».
She Gulf states its condemnation of this work, saying: «that while condemning the GCC and condemns the abduction of innocent citizens entered the Iraqi territory are legitimate and legal, the Committee expresses its full solidarity with the Government of the State of Qatar in all the actions taken in this regard that».
Our relationship with the world teased impressive
He Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari thanked the First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid on the seriousness and perseverance and good speech international porticoes to illustrate the pioneering line with our values ​​and our love Kuwaiti position, pointing out that these bilateral relations, regional and international level teased the world impressive and we are in yesterday the need to activate the Kuwaiti Iraqi model, which works to achieve the interests and the creation of economic infrastructure and find a political cooperation and cooperation to maintain security even lay the political relationship that fly the wings of economic and security cooperation base. Jaafari also offers sincere condolences to the Kuwaiti government and the National Assembly of the death of MP Nabil thanks, praying that bestow bestow forgiveness and mercy.
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