Parliamentary Economic: 2016 budget figures on paper and difficult to apply

12/22/2015 17:01

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad:

According to a member of the Committee of Economy in the House of Representatives Nora Albjara, on Tuesday, said that next year's budget in 2016 just numbers on paper, it is difficult to be applied on the ground, to be expected in 2016 from the lean years that will be witnessed by Iraq.

She Albjara for "tomorrow Press," that "the government and for many years did not think of building projects and strategic plans for the funding of non-oil It is not possible to develop the country's economy in overnight," indicating that "the 2016 budget will be just more numbers than they are actual and difficult to apply everything that came in. "

It showed that "with this budget included some paragraphs of the Machines should revive the Iraqi economy, which is activating the economic laws Ktfiel customs tariff and the protection of the domestic product and consumer protection, but things remain in the hands of the government that it is responsible for the application of these laws."

Albjara that "There is an old economic laws, she is still valid and is not suitable for the current situation must be rescinded and new activation, Vallasef there are still officials are not experienced or economic," pointing out that "the issue of small and medium-sized loans if it did in 2016 we will have economic activities good. "

And he predicted that "2016 will be the year of lean years because of the frightening decline of oil prices, as well as the regional situation, political and military conflicts existing, so expect it to be a very difficult year."