Call for the establishment of the Federation of Free Zones Arabic

12/23/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Imad Emirate
Represents the free zones of any country in the world the most prominent elements of the pillars of its economy that it is investigating a large financial returns as well as mutual beneficial business between each of the country and investors, and in this regard called on the Academy to benefit from Arab and international experiences that preceded Iraq in the field of free zones in order to the development of the reality and the trend towards the establishment of the Union has to achieve its contribution effective in improving performance.

Iraq has three dispersed free zones between the provinces of Nineveh and Basra and Anbar, the first called Fulayfel an area of 160 dunums scalable, and the second is located in the Khor Al-Zubair and an area of 400 acres scalable and Situated strategic overlooking the Arabian Gulf, making it an important geographical link lines of international trade between the East and West Point., third in Qaim on the Iraqi - Syrian border and an area of 28 dunums scalable But Iraq is now a free zone and one because of security conditions.

He said the academic d. Muzaffar Hosni said in an interview »Sabah» that there are a large number of developing countries, including Arab Iraq preceded in the establishment and development of free zones, it is useful to coordinate with them to improve the Iraqi free zones and strive to create (the Federation of Free Zones Arabic) in order to benefit from the data and information on areas Free and accumulated experience in the Department of Labour.

And accept Hosni Jordanian experience in the subject by saying: The information and the ingredients that have helped to achieve positive results Jordanian free zones it had to restrict the special process investment procedures of registration and licensing and the issuance of permits and approvals relating to the exercise of economic activities in (the Free Zones Corporation Jordan) as the only body responsible for making investment decision The Iraqi Free Zones One of the most important obstacles to their work is the presence of more than one party responsible for making an investment decision, such as the National Investment Commission and the Investment Committee in the provinces.

He Hosni In Egypt, the incentives, exemptions and guarantees all It operates an integrated system where the Egyptian free zones is one of the few areas that give a full exemption from the commercial and industrial tax profits for the duration of life of the project. Egyptian free zones for projects exempt from taxes and fees as awarded. There are no restrictions on the transfer of profits abroad.

Among With regard to the legislative framework Egypt has the enactment of several laws aimed at encouraging local, Arab and foreign investments, to encourage investment through the establishment of free zones of special nature, which will be held for the purpose of establishing agricultural projects and economic zones and industrial and service and availability of these special economic zones set of features, including the simplification of procedures and standardization bodies dealing with investors in one hand, and the provision of facilities and services and lower segments of taxes on incomes and companies.

He concluded Hosni to point to the experience of the UAE free zones in which to be the most prominent factors and ingredients that have helped the success of the Jebel Ali Free Zone, a geographical location of the area, but this feature were not alone sufficient for the success of the free zone without strengthening the provision of infrastructure and ancillary services has strengthened the Dubai government website providing the appropriate infrastructure, so that they can exploit the best use of this feature, in particular the provision of an integrated system feature and an interview with multiple patterns of sea and air at a high level of quality and regularity.

And the provision of sophisticated systems for communications and information, enabling the free zone to perform a pivotal role in international trade, transit trade and re-export and the delivery of inputs necessary production and final products in advance and the cost of suitable.