Where the increase ... ?! Oh Excellencies and sovereignty ....!?

Dated: December 22, 2015

Ali Rahmani

Do we celebrate the anniversary of sovereignty this year ...?! .. That sovereignty which Rbtnaha the departure of the Americans occupiers of our country Bjeechehem jars ... Is Satabl drummers doers ... or Esmr Almzmron Almzmgron ..oo writes Almtvelsvon and intellectuals and columnists party newspapers Did Stmtlo streets with banners or comment commentators Ooahar poets Ooagne singers pretended Vimloon our world banging and screaming and shout, and alleged that some call the diplomatic triumph of the Iraqi or the will of the Iraqi and others do not teach them and God teaches them see them declare their strength that drove the occupier until he was afraid and defeated the evil and others .. teach them and God teaches them Bontsarathm ... and everyone professes and shows his muscles that drove oppressive occupier Coward neighbor tails defeat and refraction and we are confident and we know of really directed and embarrassed ...?

... We all know that he did not come out the truth, but came out of his own and his conviction and tactics masterly and leave the Embassy of the largest embassies in the world govern our policy and our sovereignty, and all get by and Ssayasna dolls in their hands manipulating them and Ihrcnhm as they please .otejrebh past years, the best proof ..okadd left the country and the people in the hands of mischief and customers to neighboring countries Regional ... a country without sovereignty controlled by parties puppet subversive for accusing it of public interest to the nation as far as concern them the benefit of the associated countries and the achievement winning state governed by sectarian militias divided itself, which has become magically stronger than the army, the police and the forces of internal and external security ... and infiltrated all borders without exception nor need to mention what is lost from the borders and oil wells and locations of important ports and coasts and Htoot and a third of its territory, however, terrorism and crises suffocating and incendiary and displaced and are displaced and Harpoon and problems fell to coast have all the world's crises reflect on our situation deteriorating as well as unemployment, illiteracy, disease and the list goes on and we could not solve any problem ourselves without the help of But first the Americans or to neighboring countries or the UN or the European Union or in Russia or in any new player or any alliance of alliances drag us towards Msmyate and become divided according to parliamentary directions we can take a unified decision not

Brings us to the good of this country or pay evil with him and now we become divided again between those who set us free the Americans or the Russians?! .. Or the Iranians or the Gulf states ...?! ... And Ssadolmousel threatened help us by Italians do not know how I took the new Turkish moves near Bashiqa Mosul in order to remind us sovereignty which forgotten and clutter our crises always remind us of what we are ... .tzkrt the words of the great Syrian poet Muhammad Maghout It summarizes the situation we're in style rebel bustling revolutionary and convictions ... ((after our dependence on others for everything politically, economically, culturally and even religiously ... may come today and we rely the others in the child-bearing)) inspired me Aassayas Iraqna new ... Where sovereignty ... ..ma respect for sovereignty and Excellencies the bulk of ....