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Set aside in the budget cycle of conflict
On: Saturday 03/03/2012 20:22

Majid Zidane
ssabdula_ (at)

It seems the budget in 2012 will enter into litigation after the government announced it was preparing appeals for submission to the Federal Court, and therefore will revert back to the House of Representatives for debate is repeated again, and as time goes on, it depends on the threshold of projects and the stagnation of the markets.

The government's objections focused on the abolition of Article 36, which give the content a chance to sign on credit for the implementation of some projects and considers the acceleration of development, as the government wants to deduct 50% of the resources allocated to the petro-dollar oil-producing provinces to be allocated to the electricity sector.

Opponents see the implementation of projects on credit allows space for financial corruption, administrative, and accumulation of debts on Iraq, and subject to its oil wealth and the future of its economic development corporations and countries that agree to work this way, and the depletion of resources due to higher prices and increase the benefits. They cite as evidence that the country until now did not exceed the economic policies of the defunct regime under which cable the national economy, debt prohibitive reduced opportunities for growth and reconstruction, and mobilize its energies. Iraq economy and a single side depends on the oil, without its supplier this will be no development, but can not pay salaries and wages of workers in state institutions, Fi restrictions on it affecting national sovereignty and make the government subject to the dictates may be dangerous. In the opinion of Congress that the deduction of the resources of petrodollars is illegal and needs to be a new law, and affects the development of the provinces and regions which suffer defaults and the deterioration of its economy, local communities, which are not bound by this expenditure borne by the federal government, it is clear that the government lacks a vision of economic Astaratejah clear and transparent and understood by going to the national economy towards the overall development and to maximize resources, the availability of right thinking to the House of Representatives for their understanding and approval and to direct resources to the common goals and national interests, without conflict and contradiction with the policies of the government that the discrepancy between the government and the House of Representatives about the strategic objectives of the economic order is unhealthy and damaging to the citizens Maalva˙dh of veto the budget back to the Council, who may insist on his opinion, as amended, only the disruption of completion of the projects and direct them to what is planned

. * In light race number stating the province of Babylon, and the right Anbar province, which has achieved the highest percentage of completion, so necessary to note.