Tamimi called for the transformation of government cabin Women

Dated: December 22, 2015

Baghdad / Iraq News Network called an MP for the National Alliance, to form a purely feminist Government excluded men Anha.oukalt Majida al-Tamimi in a press statement today: "We saw the results of the work of the Government of men throughout the last twelve years Fajzanh empty and services negative zero and everything collapsed in the country. "She added," to make room for women and the Government of the women and see what they do because women are fair and are able to work but men Ayatonha executive role ".odat Tamimi to" change the government cabin 100% feminist and make them fully and the dimensions of men reported "adding" to see women what they do. " and showed a member of the parliamentary finance committee, that "the government zero-day reserves and reserves Central Bank of Iraq in the fall and there the proliferation of waste in the streets and enter Daash for Iraq," wondering, "Are these men are the results of government ?! Vleptta We comers women. "It is said that with this" exotic "call but the Government of Haider al-Abadi current operating where only one woman holds a ministerial post, a Minister of Health and Environment Adila Hammoud after the long government reforms the post of Minister of State for Women's Affairs in the government statement Nora.ons Iraqi constitution on women's representation in the House of Representatives by 25% pointed to the importance of participation in political life.