The displaced people of the country are looking to Japan through the eyes of bloody

2212 2015
Today Iraq / Baghdad
The collection of a meeting between the President of the Parliament - Saleem al-Jubouri, the Japanese ambassador to Iraq - Fumio Iwai, and what appears to be a token of gratitude from the country, the position of the country sumo with it, over the past years, we read what looked like a promise, he came out of the mouth of al-Jubouri "
The Japanese companies, will have an important role in the reconstruction of the liberated areas of the organization "Daash", Ambassador Iwai commented: "The country, considering a" big "material assistance to Iraq, to ​​improve the situation of displaced" The front-Jubouri, was quoted in a statement, plain olives leave the tree from the Internet - planting on Monday in the World Wide Web, more than aspiring Baghdad him from the relationship with the country of sumo: "The presence of Japan will be important in the reconstruction of cities plans after its liberation from gangs Daash terrorist", but that al-Jubouri, it acknowledged that Baghdad is betting on distinct role for the country Sumo: "The role of Japan, important in the development of the Iraqi economy," either what he found Ambassador Iwai, very important to be present in the international courier: "There is importance to the solidarity of the international community in support of Iraq, and especially in my human rights and displaced persons." and with regret that recall the tragedy of displaced people in Iraq's share, it would take only a small portion of the area of ​​this news, as we mention, that "Iraq, saw the biggest exodus in its history, after the control elements regulate what is known as the" Daash "on a number of cities and districts and areas in western and northern Iraq, before Iraqi forces can regain control of many of these areas. "