Parliamentary Economy: lower oil prices, the government will be unable to pay its employees

Tuesday, December 22 / December 2015 - 16:02

(Information) BAGHDAD - The Commission on Economy and Investment parliamentary, Tuesday, that the persistence of global oil prices decline will fall short of the Iraqi government to pay the salaries of its employees in the coming years, calling for support of the various productive sectors out of the financial crisis.

She said Najiba Committee member Najib said in a statement to the Agency / information / that "the expectation that lower oil prices to $ 29 per barrel weigh the shoulders of the financial budget of the State and will be the Iraqi government unable to pay salaries to its employees in the coming years in the event of continued oil drop", calling for "re-formulating monetary policy and prepared in accordance with the financial plan suit conditions experienced by the country. "

He added that" there are possible solutions government help to get out of its current crisis, notably the operation of the productive sectors in the country and support the banking and agricultural sectors, as well as the imposition of strict government control to eliminate the administrative and financial corruption within the institutions. "