"United Nations" sign a financing agreement for $ 33 million to cope with the crises in Iraq

2212 2015
To support the restoration of stability in the newly liberated areas from the grip of "Daash" efforts
Announced the United Nations Development Programme in Iraq, on Tuesday, signed a financing with the German Development Bank agreement (KfW) $ 33 million contribution from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, in order to support the restoration of stability to the newly liberated areas efforts and programs the ability to respond to crises building in Iraq.

The program revealed in a statement reported for "Arabs Today" that the agreement: will support the $ 22 million "to respond to crises and build resilience in Iraq" of the United Nations Development Programme, which helps families and communities to cope with crises and recovery program. While preventing the amount of $ 11 million to "finance the immediate stabilization fund" financed from the control of the newly "Daash organization in Iraq and the Levant" quick initiatives in the liberated areas in.

The statement quoted the Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme and the Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq, Liz Grande as saying: "The contribution of the German Development Bank comes at a time Excellent, where millions of Iraqis they can work to build their capacity to respond to crises and recovery. The main priorities of the United Nations Programme Development help them in that. The program is committed to the well with the help displaced families wishing to return to areas liberated from the control of the organization Daash. Restoring stability to these regions paves the way for the return of residents to their homes if they so choose. "

He stressed the German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Gerd Muller, in turn, that: "The Federal Government in Iraq is making great efforts in dealing with the current refugee crisis.

Through our commitment to this with the United Nations Development Programme, we aim to support those efforts through the promotion of refugees and displaced persons and the local population in the capacity of host communities to cope with crises. Moreover, we pave the way by funding from the stabilization fund for the safe return of refugees to their areas of the newly organized "Daash" terrorist liberated. "

United Nations Development Programme focuses through the "crisis response program and build the capacity to address them in Iraq," to improve the delivery of public services and to provide direct support for the mechanisms of government and its institutions own crises and coordination. And some components of the program focuses on the provision of livelihood opportunities and the promotion of dialogue between the displaced and host families, as well as refugees. Special programs to provide legal support for refugee and displaced women Services, including victims of sexual violence and gender-based violence includes.

UNDP supports through "financing the immediate stabilization fund", the government's efforts to restore stability to the regions in the first months after the liberation minute. And it has made great efforts in Tikrit, where the fund has helped to revitalize the local economy and the rehabilitation of neighborhoods and families belonging to the rebuilding of civilian property and the public. The Fund will engage soon in the liberated areas in the provinces of Nineveh and Diyala, Salahuddin, has embarked on the purchase and transfer of equipment in preparation for the Liberation of gray.