Economist: 2016 budget will bear the prosthesis and the toll of Iraqi citizens

By Hussein Zangana

8 hours ago

Roudao - Erbil

The Iraqi Ministry of Planning, the financial budget for 2016 and realistic austerity and free from investment aspects, and not commensurate with the investment projects the size of it's hardly enough to side Alchigila, and they will resort to the imposition of taxes or resorting to domestic borrowing, to bridge the budget deficit.

The President of the Finance Division at the University of life in Arbil, Khaled Abdel-Hamid, the network Roudao media, saying, "The adoption of the budget for 2016, the prosthesis, and came on the ruins of the problems of the previous budgets, figures and data in this budget inaccurate and unrealistic, especially in the field of the size of the export of Iraq and Kurdistan oil, price of a barrel of oil, which was adopted was $ 45, this price can not be achieved. "

He said Abdul Hamid, said that "the imposition of the tax, which would resort to him the Iraqi government to bridge the budget deficit, would be borne by the Iraqi citizen, because the agricultural and industrial sector expired completely in Iraq, and as everyone knows the Iraqi citizen is now in dire need of aid, not pressure him to taxes."

He also talked about the investment side in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, saying, "The features of the future in Iraq is unclear, and there is no suitable environment for investment, and the government wandering incorrect decisions, especially in the field of investment, the Iraqi environment repellent for investment and not an attractive environment."

The House of Representatives has approved in its meeting last Wednesday of next year's budget in 2016 with a total expenditure of more than 105 trillion and 890 billion dinars, representing a deficit of 22.8%. .