Masum, confirms the determination of Iraq "defeat Daash" and appreciates the support of the positions of Rome Baghdad

2015-12-22 20:07:07 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, on Tuesday, that the will of the Iraqis entrenched in defeat al (Daash), and as pointed out the historical relations between Iraq and Italy, the President of the Italian Senate pointed to his country's support for the Iraqis, especially the displaced and the protection of historical holdings in Iraq.

The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, in a statement received (range Press), a copy of it during his meeting with the President of the Italian Senate, Senator Pietro Krasso in the Peace Palace in Baghdad that "the will of the Iraqis entrenched in defeat al (Daash), being a threat to the security and stability of the region and the world," He stressed "the need to mobilize all energies in order to fight it and eliminate it."

Infallible and pointed to the "pursuit of political leadership in Iraq to consolidate the unity and coexistence among all components and work to achieve societal reconciliation provide a suitable ground for the return of displaced people to their homes."

The President of the republic to "the historical relations between the two countries and the need for concerted efforts to develop," and expressed "gratitude to all the countries that supported Iraq in its war against al Daash and including Italy."

And eighth infallible "the positions of Italy in support of the Iraqi people because of their role in supporting Iraq in various fields."

For his part, the transfer head of the Italian Senate, "greetings from Italian President Sergio Mattarella to infallible president," explaining "the importance of deepening the friendly relations between Iraq and Italy on the political, military and commercial, cultural and environmental levels."

He also renewed Senator Pietro Krasso "his country's support for Iraq, which is fighting a war on behalf of the world against al Daash obscurantist", adding that "his visit was to emphasize the constant determination of Italy to support Iraqis in all critical areas, particularly since Astaqraralarac reflected positively on the security and stability of all countries in the Middle East as a hub for this region. "

He praised Krasso to "efforts of President infallible in establishing political solidarity between all components and communities and support for the reforms carried out by the Iraqi government, as well as work for the success of the national reconciliation project," stressing "move his country to expand its assistance circle for Iraqis, especially in providing the necessary aid to the displaced and to maintain Collectibles on historical artifacts in Iraq. "

At the end of the meeting "force the president head of the Italian Senate greetings to the Italian President", stressing that "Iraq's desire to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two countries."

The Italian government announced, in (16 December 2015), sending 450 soldiers to protect the Mosul dam from collapsing, as warned of the collapse of the dam, which provides "water and electric power to more than a million people", confirmed that the dam threatened to fall is located adjacent to regulate areas (Daash ).

The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's response, in (20 December 2015), the intention Italy send troops to Mosul dam to protect it, and described it "disregard for the sovereignty and independence of Iraq," while calling on the government to issue "tough decisions" against foreign interference in the internal affairs, He warned "the beginning of the end."

The organization (Daash) took over the city of Mosul, Nineveh province, (405 km north of Baghdad), in (the tenth of June 2014 the past), before extending its activities to many other parts of Iraq.