Iraqi government challenged the federal budget.
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Thread: Iraqi government challenged the federal budget.

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    Iraqi government challenged the federal budget.

    Iraqi government challenged the federal budget. 11:18:03 / 03/2012

    Khandan - The Iraqi government has justified reasons to challenge the General Budget Law Baknaatha of what the Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi said paragraphs amended, inconsistent with the policy of the Ministry of Finance.

    The government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in a statement to «life» that «the reasons put forward by the Minister of Finance before the government was logical, legal, and in the light of these observations in regard to some transfers of Finance and the like have been proposed some amendments to the budget to match the ambitions of the government in implementing programs of reconstruction and building the country».

    He stressed that «the proposal to amend some paragraphs on the budget will be referred back to parliament for consideration and approval».

    Objection and the Council of Ministers to repeal Article 36 of the budget relating to the adoption of payment on credit to companies for the implementation of projects, only al-Dabbagh said that «the government adopted the observations and objections of the Ministry of Finance announced that it and its frank».

    The Cabinet instructed the Minister of Justice set up irregularities in the budget from a constitutional standpoint to appeal before the Federal Court and ask the legal department of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers set up the challenge.

    The MP for the coalition «state law» Hussein Assadi that «the reason for the dispute over the budget 2012 and the objection by the government is to abolish the House of Representatives concerning the adoption of Article 36, payment on credit».

    He explained that «the Council of Ministers is not entitled to amend the budget because that is the jurisdiction of the House of Representatives in accordance with Article 61 of the Constitution».

    MP Abdul Hadi al-Hassani said in a statement to «life» that «one of the most important reasons that prompted the government to appeal or object to the budget is not included paragraphs that promote investment and has sufficient funds to monitor».

    He pointed out that «the commitment to the budget law voted by Parliament finally embarrass the government often will not enable them to fulfill their promises, especially regarding projects related to infrastructure and activating the movement of investment and reconstruction, let alone intercept and the Ministry of Finance on many of the points included in budget».

    The parliament approved last Thursday, the state budget for 2012 after the abolition of the paragraphs proposed by the Government, including Article 25 concerning the closure of final accounts and exchange outside the budget in addition to paragraph 36. He said Hassani, that «the parliament will consider the details of the budget that had been introduced some amendments, including the issue of purchase of armored vehicles to members of Parliament».

    He stressed that «the government took over 400 cars were armored contracted with a specialized company to be used during the Summit to be held in Baghdad at the end of this month».

    The «There is a proposal to distribute those cars after the end of the summit to the members of Parliament Kaahdh be returned to the State after the end of the term of the MP».
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