The need to contribute to the stock market in GDP 12/21
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Thread: The need to contribute to the stock market in GDP 12/21

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    The need to contribute to the stock market in GDP 12/21

    The need to contribute to the stock market in GDP

    12/22/2015 0:00

    BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi
    Welcomed the Iraqi Institute adviser for economic reform, Dr. Ahmed al-Husseini to adopt the conference aims to introduce investment opportunities in Iraq Stock Exchange, describing the move as a good omen for the opening of the stock market to the world.

    The Company announced (Frentinor Aksjnj Frontier Exchange recently) all held a conference for global stock markets in London for the period of December 20-21 2016 with the aim definition of listed companies in Iraq Stock Exchange through presentations that will present to encourage foreign companies to invest and to enter the local market and the advancement of the Iraqi economy.

    The Husseini in a statement »Sabah»: that Iraq's contribution to such quality conferences enhance the prestige of the country economically and commercially on the international level, noting that this conference will give a good impression to foreign investors what is going on in Iraq Stock Exchange and the movement of trading in it and the nature of the stock market.

    He pointed to the need to have Iraq Stock Exchange this contribution clear in the gross domestic product of the country and to make transactions and transactions conducted by a real investment must play in addition to the gross domestic product, and not limited to being just speculation.

    He noted that the market is still in the evolutionary stage weak and contribution in the formation of the gross domestic product of the fact that effective mechanisms and tools for the development of indirect investment are not available in Iraq. He said al-Husseini said a very important stabilizing factor on the subject of investment is direct, especially foreign ones.

    According to the Exchange, the Frontier company scheduled the participation of more than 50 global companies from various Arab and foreign countries and types of areas to promote and support the financial their markets in addition to the experts, economists and journalists interested in the economy and investment in region.

    The Iraq Stock Exchange / stock market / founded in 2004 and is responsible for regulating and monitoring the purchase and sale of shares of listed companies to investors carried out by brokers and numbered / 47 / accredited brokerage firm by the market through the use of modern electronic systems operations economic institution.

    Market is held 5 sessions per week at a rate of two hours of the trading day.
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