Parliamentary Finance reveals the reluctance of the government in the "collection" non-oil imports

12/21/2015 20:42 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
Detection of the parliamentary finance committee member Husam punitive, on Monday, the presence of foot-dragging and lack of efficiency of government joints in the collection of non-oil imports.

He said the punitive L / scales News /, that "how much they earn the government through non-oil imports established in the financial budget, which is nearly 12 trillion dinars is four trillion dinars", stressing at the same time that "there is reluctance and lack of efficiency in all joints is government for the collection of non-oil imports. "

A member of the parliamentary finance committee, "it was the formation of a parliamentary sub-committee to monitor Jima government non-oil revenues," he said. "This is also the task of the Commission is to know the amount of income accruing to the government and the quantity to be derived effectively."

This "announced member of the Finance Committee in Parliament MP Hossam punitive, last Monday, the reduction of the total expenditures and non-oil imports in the federal budget for the 2016 law, and among that cover the budget deficit comes through internal and external loans and selling bonds, he pointed out that the increase in wages Kartat mobile and the Internet and the new customs tariff will not have an impact in the plug ".anthy 29/34 R.