Mr. Adel Abdul-Mahdi: some are trying to broadcast false information concerning the fact the oil to confuse the public order

December 21, 2015 20:25

Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi stressed that "spreading false information concerning the oil actually in Iraq purpose is to disrupt public order in the country."

Said Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement on Monday, that "all claim as officials we serve the people .. and that our work honest, supports professional competence and transparency .. The fact the arena sink day after day atmosphere of chaos and lies and fabrications confusing and misleading, if we leave aside the opinion cases and interpretations and different points of view, acceptable but required, and we stopped at the sensory facts and figures and statistical information, we will see that the arena soaked in unknowns fallacies, forgery and Blackout. "

He noted that "separates every day by staff and employees and brought to the courts; because they falsely document of study, or provided wrong data .. The law tries to protect citizens and the state and society of forgery and cheating .. but when he visits the official or media outlet figures and facts, they will not be punished, nor accountable, but they become superstars, and heroes have their audience, Vhabl lying here is not short even when the facts show, but long umbilical; because our system loses immunities, not punished, or handle this type of fraud and forgery, the former Valakaveb become a new gateway to the lies climbs through Climbers ".

He pointed out that it is not required km mouths and prevent diligence, and stop defending asymmetric and different information in their frames accepted and its means, but required the protection of truth and accessible, and is not required to prevent the truth and facts and figures no matter how harsh, but to hide is what sign damage .. speech here for false and incorrect information.

He said that when some people put a figure on the losses on the battlefield unfounded .. and information fabricated for the debts, contracts and fake, and entitlements of oil, or accusations of corruption are not the only things to interference, and confuse the public order, they are causing a lot of damage .. Is not it a shame that the little figure prominent in the media outlet known, that Iraq not only get $ 4 a barrel from its exports .. If the exports from the southern ports amounted to about 3 million barrels, the so-enter Iraq as personal that, is $ 360 million a month only, is incredibly ignorant So in order to believe him sane? , And perhaps that has confused the personal cost of producing a barrel, and the final return of the barrel, which was explained in an editorial last week in detail.

Said Abdul-Mahdi, "to be a cure for this situation, and means more worthy not {conflict Cocks}, as does {FQ} in {the island}, and who became a media approach to clowning Tstrechs media means; to promote itself, not for the dissemination of information and the truth, but what followed much countries, if we exclude the offenses addressed by the judiciary and the special services, and remember that the laws violate the constitutional will display the owner of the sanctions. "

And that "what is needed is a series of measures, including the availability of official and non-official bodies the information its means and their locations and data transparency and sincerity; to be the source responsible and reliable for the truth, right of information is not a favor from institutions to citizens, it is a right of citizens to institutions, and this requires reform administratively, educationally and culturally great; to enable the institutions to come out of their paper, underdeveloped and methods to electronic systems, and professional ethics, make this process easy and accessible to everyone. "

However, to say that "encourages institutions and the media to develop a site {} self-censor to correct before correcting the information published in its positions and Oselth media, so as to consolidate the principle of credibility, and therefore trust the institution and media means."

He noted that constitute the board of truth and transparency of the institutions of civil society or the House of Representatives, submit periodic {weekly for example} reports reveal errors and inaccuracies in state institutions and the media, and poses derived facts from sources .. helps it to sort out the lies from the facts .. and institutions responsible for .. and meager media counterfeiter and cheap media for hard and sober.

He concluded by saying "the situation will not become an ideal never .. and would not have given up a nation or a country of lies and fallacies, but to become a practice of lying, cheating rewarding and prevailed, and the absence of the truth, and it becomes a cushion truth of the death, it means that the nation is losing its religion, morals, and immunities"