Saying it will not be canceled .. Legal parliamentary form a committee in order to avoid errors to Article 4 terrorism

21/12/2015 05:36 PM

Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed on Monday, the formation of a joint committee to avoid errors in Article 4 terrorism, while confirming that the material will not be canceled. A member of the Committee ultra-Sheikh that "talk about the abolition of Article 4 terrorism not true and that the parliamentary finance committee meeting with a number of judges and the Director of the prison two weeks ago discussed the general amnesty as well as Article 4 specifically terrorism law." "The meeting between the number of judges and the Director of prisons resulted in the agreement to form a joint committee of the number of deputies and judges in addition to the prison director to work on avoiding errors contained in Article 4, terrorism and these errors confidential informant and charges malicious and judicial errors, if any." He had been the General Amnesty Law large differences within the House of Representatives, where it considered political blocs great opportunity to get out the terrorists and all those who stained their hands with the blood of Iraqi prisons and release them under a general amnesty and national reconciliation.