Brigade crowd frees nearby locations of Sharqat and confirms that his fighters received their salaries for six months

2015-12-21 22:47:09 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Announced Brigade (crushing the toughest) of the popular crowd, on Monday, the liberation of some of the villages leading towards the elimination Sharqat, north of Salah al-Din, (170 km north of Baghdad), and tighten the control on them, asking the government to accelerate regardless fighters salaries of more than a thousand and 600's Atzlmoha since they are not more than six months.

He said the supervisor of the brigade, in the province of Karbala, Mohammed al-Musawi, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Brigade commissioned a hammam secure hand Nukhayb, west of Karbala, but moved nearly three months to Salahuddin province by order of the leadership of the popular crowd, and participated in the Many of the battles in different regions Obozorha aperture and the Hamrin mountains and Baiji ", noting that" the elements of the brigade currently hold approximately 14 km from the front lines of confrontation in the Chinese region, and Akhaddon fierce battles with Aldoaash, and made a lot of sacrifices. "

Al-Moussawi said, that "the Brigade recently participated in the liberation of some of the villages leading from the bridge area battles towards the elimination Sharqat, (120 km north of Tikrit), and tightened control after it killed a lot of elements Daash," noting that "the banner of crushing the toughest possesses sufficient weapons for fighting and take the lead together with the ministries of defense and interior troops, despite the need for greater support. "

The supervisor of the brigade, the "Angel Brigade thousand and 600 fighter all of whom have not been paid for more than six months," calling on "the government because paying attention to fighters brigade and accelerate the delivery of their salaries, to provide a living for their families they left and went to fight terrorism."

The joint forces, recently Tmokt Edit Baiji, (40 km north of Tikrit), and Mcefaha oil strategic, within operations (Beck, O Messenger of God II), which was launched in (14 October 2015), to liberate the northern regions of Salah al-Din, ( 170 km north of Baghdad).