Iraq for the people of Mosul: Get ready Liberalization close

Twilight News / notified the Iraqi Ministry of Defense people of Mosul, near the liberation of their city from the control of the organization Daash terrorist.
He said local residents for Twilight News, said the Iraqi air force planes dropped leaflets paper hours before the city confirms end its military preparations for the forces and the security forces, the crowd liberalization city of Mosul of control Daash gangs, claim at the same time parents should be to cooperate with the forces liberated and stay away as much as possible on the whereabouts of militants and their communities will be vulnerable to being targeted at any time.
They said the population a state of terror seized the elements of the organization on the back shed those publications and prevented some of the locals picked up and read their content, but they failed to prevent their access to all parents the fact that the amount of leaflets dropped by aircraft was very large.