Ithawi: Elements Daash in Ramadi not exceed Al750 and call for greater support for the families of the

2015-12-21 21:34:43 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

A leading role in the Council of Anbar tribes revealed that fighting Daash, on Monday, that the number of elements Daash in Ramadi City Center (110 km west of Baghdad) does not exceed Al750 element, and as he emphasized achieve significant victories on the organization in the northern axis of the city, called on the central government greater support for the people of the tribes grouped within the popular crowd.

A spokesman for the Anbar tribes and leader of guerrillas in mobilizing conservative Ghassan Ithawi in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "the Iraqi army achieves significant victories against al (Daash) in the northern axis of the city of Ramadi, through the liberalization of important areas as an area Assembly, which is one of the strategic areas the task that was controlled by the organization. "

He Ithawi, that "the northern axis of the city is one of the axes rugged open towards Salah al-Din and Mosul and the Syrian province," noting that "the security forces gained control of the important aspects of the axis, and there is a clear progress in Albuaath area and the center of the stores," expected to "cleanse the region full in the coming days with the Albu Faraj area. "

He pointed Ithawi, that "military units managed to cut off supply routes (Daash) to the city of Ramadi center after roads cut off from the northern axis," pointing to "the refraction (Daash) in the northern axis of the city and resorting to launch sporadic attacks destroy them security forces between now and then ".

He guessed Ithawi relying on intelligence information, that "the number of elements of the organization does not exceed (Daash) in the city of Ramadi center Al750 element," attributing the delay purge the city process to a "resort (Daash) to booby-trapping houses and streets and the use of civilians as human shields."

The spokesman for the Anbar tribes fighters "to secure outlets for families out of the center of the city of Ramadi," noting that "the organization (Daash) prevents people from going out," noting that "the organization executed full weeks before the family tried to get out of the gray."

He called Ithawi, central government, "the biggest support for popular crowd of tribes of Anbar province by providing them with weapons developed", praising the "military role in giving way to tribal members to play an active role in the liberation of their areas", he returned it, "slap anyone who wants to ruin this country and trying to differentiate between people of the same people. "

The commander of the tribes of Anbar province fighters Ghassan Ithawi announced, in (16 December 2015), the arrival of three regiments of tribal fighters into cutter northern city of Ramadi (110 km west of Baghdad), in preparation for storming the city center, as he emphasized that tribal fighters have combat experience in detect the movements of elements of the organization.

The Anbar province has seen heavy fighting and control organization Daash to most cities of the province including Fallujah and Ramadi and western regions and the loss of hundreds of dead and wounded among the military and police and civilians during the clashes since more than a year and ten months.