Diyala State Company for Electrical Industries processed products from distribution transformers for the benefit of the public and private sectors

12/21/2015 7:19
Today Iraq / Baghdad
The Diyala Company for Electrical Industries - one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, the processing of the public and private sectors, their production of distribution transformers, during November of this year, a month.
Abdul Wadud Abdul Sattar Mahmud - Director General of the company, the expansion in the details, to read: "I have been the General Directorate of processing, distribution center Electricity b (238) transferred the distribution of capacity (250) KVA11, and has also been Karbala Electricity Directorate processing, Bmaholte the same capacity the same distribution and converted one also to the private sector, "and other activities of the company:" The company began erecting Sradik food on the main road adjacent to the headquarters of the company, where the passage of arrivals on their way to the city of Karbala, to perform the rituals of the visit on the occasion of the death of Imam Hussein, service valued visitors, this has continued seven days a visit. "