President of the Board receives President of the Arab Parliament to discuss common issues, including relief to the displaced

Monday 12/21/2015 7:23
Today Iraq / Baghdad
Head of the Sunni Endowment received - Alhmam Abdel-Latif, head of the Arab Parliament - Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Jarwan .. in the Umm al-Qura site. Media Endowment, move us all Alhmam: "We welcome the President of the Arab Parliament, which is in his second Iraq, he noted that during the meeting, discussed prospects of joint cooperation between Iraq and the Arab Hadhanth", and Iraqi files that have been discussed:
"We've been discussing a number of files and issues, including the national reconciliation file, and the face of terrorism and extremism that hits all the Arab countries, was also discussed software next work and present at the Arab level," the new Alhmam his call to "Arab and Islamic relief organizations, to play a greater role in the field of relief displaced persons and providing assistance and needs necessary for them ", and Makharj the President of the Arab Parliament from meeting with Alhmam:" I have benefited a lot from my meeting with the President of the Sunni Endowment, which clarified picture of the situation in Iraq, which was blurred for us ", and also - according to our source:" Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al Jarwan, explained that there is a program of action to promote reconciliation Arab Arab ", and on the evaluation of the Iraqi role in joint Arab action agenda:" The Iraq of the pillars of Arab States, and that the Arab Parliament stands with all its capabilities to serve Iraq and its people. "