Project between freedom of expression and Restrictedness law

12/21/2015 7:24
Tariq Harb
legal expert
If the penultimate week of the last month of the year 2015, has witnessed lectures, seminars, articles, he participated in many quarters, as one of the members of the Human Rights Commission of civilians and activists, and the media and civil society organizations, about this law,
The subject, requires us to return to the provisions of Article 38 of the Constitution, which stipulates the following (the state guarantees that does not violate public order and ethics of freedom of expression by all means), so the law which is organized by freedom of expression, it must be based constitutional rule mentioned .. which depends ensure that the state guarantee for this freedom in the broadest sense, which represents this right, and it represents freedom, and that also depends Second judgment, not prejudice this right, and this freedom and public morality system, and this is a broad term, changes with time and change the place , it has been at the beginning of the twentieth century, the Iraqi who goes bare-headed is not acceptable at all, the place is what exists in Basra, is different from what exists in Baghdad and Karbala, and means that the Constitution, taking European and American concept, which is that opinion really and freedom of the face includes, and the responsibility and obligation of the face of another, and to the virtue of expression does not turn into a vice defamation transformation of virtue to vice, turning expression to defamation, no to the constitutional, legal and legitimate does not turn into what violates the constitution, and is opposed to the law and contrary to the legitimate and away from the legitimacy, as it does not accept any of those calls b (chaos) Expressionist, to be the object of invective, defamation and insults and insults, spelling, and does not accept the calls for restricting freedom of expression, to give up his right to the ultimate expression of unrestrained, and freedom in the overall opinion is fragmented and this example demonstrates the position of the parties, and therefore we must to avoid Abackhen Adakkakan, while calling Palanflat and enrolled and identified who advocate this confiscation of freedom, and gagged and these things, corroborated by the mind by the Constitution and the law, and for us in the state is one of the finest democratic countries, and the people of the best people, which advocates freedom, as the state of France and the French people, and incident is not up to the terrorist incidents that happen in Iraq, the French government issued a decree banning demonstrations for three months, and before the French people that, so it is supported in the legislation of freedom of expression law, and this law argue that France takes a model and example Otherwise, the road ever and through restriction, both away from the Constitution and the Iraqi reality, and peace on the philosopher (Lord Acton), who said (Annan more communities freedom is more responsible communities), and Blessed is he who fired and sowed freedom of opinion and expression, and other Blessed is he who committed the provisions of the Constitution and the Iraqi reality when this legislation law