Legal expert: Kurdistan region's share in the budget of 2016 more than 17%

12.21.2015 at 12:30 (GMT Baghdad)

BAGHDAD - scales News
Said legal expert Tareq Harb, on Monday, that the president can not veto a constitutional fiscal budget bill, noting that the share of the provincial budget more than 17%.

He said the war in a statement received / scales News / copy of it, that "the number of deputies demanded not to the president approve the budget voted by the Parliament Act in its last Wednesday under the pretext of the share of 17% of the budget established by this law to the Kurdistan region."

He explained that the war "Article 63 of the Iraqi Constitution, decided that the President of the Republic to ratify the law issued by the parliament within 15 days, Van has not ratified the law during this period, the law is considered ratified."

He said the legal expert, "the House of Representatives do not know that there is no constitutional provision that defines the Kurdistan region's share in the budget, but the subject left to the decision of Parliament when discussing the budget law, as they did not know that the budget law did not stop at 17% as a share of the province, but decided sources another has them share in the amounts of reconstruction and development and the region's share in the petro-dollar and its share of the allocated Iraqi army amounts and financial There are other financial sources of the province outside the budget law Kalmbalg that the disposal of the martyrs and political prisoners, retirees and employees in the federal government and provincial departments, "pointing out that" the issue is not limited to 17%, as alleged by some MPs, but the ratio is much more ".anthy / 29 / d 24