Parliamentary Economy: State unable to pay salaries for 2016

12/21/2015 14:44 pm (Baghdad time)

Special scales News
Ruled out of the economic and investment commission, on Monday, the inability of the state to pay the salaries of its employees for the year 2016 in the event of falling oil prices less than $ 35 per barrel.

Said committee member Rep. Najiba Najib's / scales News /, that "the state is able to staff salaries delivery, even if Oil prices fell below $ 35 per barrel," pointing out that "the general budget for the year 2016 pro forma budget dependent on oil revenues."

She said Najib, that "the laws and decisions contained in the budget can not be applied and implemented in full in the event of oil continued to decline," indicating that "the State also rely on some countries and organizations loans to bridge the shortfall in staff and social welfare salaries of the fact that their priority in that."

The Deputy Prime Minister (Article) Bahaa al-between in an earlier statement that the 2016 budget pro forma, and that spending or launch allocations will be increased by any 12/1 on a monthly basis and by imports Ath.anthy 29/36 p.