Finance Committee: Add (40) A degree of functional budget

On: Friday 2/3/2012 7:29

Baghdad / range
revealed a member of the Finance Committee Najiba Najib from the addition of (40) thousand degrees and careers in the budget bill, noting that he will be launched in the month of July after obtaining the financial abundance of oil revenues achieved.

The answer, according to the Agency (news): The number of grades that are installed in the budget bill amounted to (58) A degree and functional and will be launched in the coming period after the announcement of it under the terms of the specific controls and priorities installation contracts in the government departments to the permanent staffing with into account the population of each province and the needs of degrees of functional according to a specific timetable.
She added, was created a paragraph in the budget to add (40) thousand degrees and other functional be subject to increased oil revenues realized during the first six months of this year and will be launched after the month of July so it will be the launch of grades through two stages this year and for a period of time close between them. She pointed out that this functional allocations will be subject to the same standards and requirements for the degree of functional installed in the general budget bill and the amount of (58) A degree and functional.