A secret session of the Council of Basra to discuss the security file

2015-12-21 03:40:51 | (Voice of Iraq) - Basra

Basra Governorate Council held a special meeting to discuss the security file was converted in to a secret session.

The correspondent said that the meeting witnessed the presence of security leaders as well as Communications Minister Hassan Rashed and a number of members of the House of Representatives.

He announced the governor of Basra, Majed Nasraoui, two involved the kidnapping and car theft, which recently acquired the arrest of crimes in the province, during an intelligence operation carried out in minutes north of Basra vine area.

This comes, after the head of the security committee in the Basra Governorate Council Jabbar al-Saadi revealed earlier that the hawks intelligence cell carried out a covert operation peek at dawn on Saturday in the province has been able to during the arrest of the gang responsible for the murder and Tsil vehicle owners, among that placed their arrest they Three people confessed when interrogated responsibility for the killing of the four young people in the streets of the area and his vehicle Tsil also confessed to the murder of the owner of the taxi type Saipa associations in the region, indicating that those incidents and the accompanying led to the deployment of a state of panic among the citizens.

Basra has seen during the past two weeks, a series of incidents of murder, kidnapping and Tsil vehicles in the provincial council decided to hold an extraordinary session in the presence of security leaders to discuss the security file.