Kirkuk demanding dues regardless of the last two years since the petrodollars

2012 2015

Alsumaria News / Kirkuk
Calls for the Committee on Energy Council Kirkuk province, Sunday, the governments of the center and the Kurdistan regardless dues province late petro-dollar two years ago, stressing that the province exports about 450 thousand barrels of oil a day, but did not receive "one penny" from dues this year, amounting to $ 300 million.
The deputy chairman of the Committee on Energy Najat Hussein, in an interview with Alsumaria's News, said that "Kirkuk is pumping oil about 450 thousand barrels of oil per day, but has not received a penny of its oil two years ago," and urged the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to "the need to launch the province's budget of petrodollars, because most conservative projects stalled due to lack of financial budget to pay the financial dues of many of the projects. "
Hussein added, that "Kirkuk oil source is divided into two parts, the first issued by the North Oil Company, Kirkuk fields at a rate of export up to 150 thousand barrels per day, and the second section of the Bai Hassan and Havana, located in the district of molasses fields, (45 km northwest of Kirkuk ), "explaining that" the Kurdistan region issued through the Ministry of Natural Resources about 250 to 300 thousand barrels of crude oil to set up what comes out every day from Kirkuk to about 400 to 450 000 barrels of oil per day from the source. "
And the good, that "the financial dues for the current year amounted to about $ 300 million has not been that we receive from Baghdad or Erbil."
The governor of Kirkuk, Necmettin cream threatened on Monday (October 5, 2015), that the province will not remain idle due to lack of financial dues exchange, pointing out that the province has not received any support from the government in spite of receiving 600 thousand displaced people.
The Committee on Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region's parliament announced, (Thursday, 8 October 2015), the formation of a commission of inquiry to know the quantities of crude oil exported from the province of Kirkuk fields, pointing out that the management of those fields is divided between the North Oil Company and the Ministry of natural resources in the region.