World Bank imposed on Iraq to stop the appointments in the public sector for 3 years

2015-12-21 02:04:06 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Baghdadi News got to the World Bank for the Iraqi government, which was launched two days before the loan protocol text, and its clauses stipulated several conditions on the most important activation of the electricity tariff and stop the appointments in the state for a period of 3 years.

The document explained that "the protocol includes a series of measures imposed by the World Bank on the Iraqi government over the years 2015, 2016 and 2017, including the need to reduce the burning of associated gas up to 2018, and the approval of the Cabinet on the electricity tariff approved in the Council," indicating that "implementation is to reduce the support and increase revenue. "

He noted the bank, according to the document that "the imposition of the government's recruitment freeze in the public sector by not granting new functional degrees for a period of three years with the exception of priority such as health sectors," stressing "the need to restructure public enterprises, and improve the competitive environment between government banks, and reduce public spending, by improving the efficiency of the network of social protection and exclusion are not covered by them. "

She drew the document, to "the need for the information base of retirees not eligible liquidation to receive pensions," indicating that "the Bank has urged the Cabinet to approve the framework of decision-making for the management of government investment that has been prepared in coordination between the Ministry of Planning and the World Bank, with the creation of the Department of Administration of public debt operations in the Ministry of Finance. "

It is noteworthy that Baghdadi News investigated the accuracy and validity of these documents by conducting numerous contacts parliamentary Finance Committee, but the latter preferred checking their health and then decide on them.