Baghdad or Arbil
1221 2015

Abdul Hussein al-Zuhairi
Ibn al-Qayyim when attending can not be any force, any significant material case to withhold those values ​​for deep visibility and significance in that country or that can not be overshadowed by the typical values ​​that exemplary human His strong will and over the generations or withstand people irresistible We want to show human values ​​for what they are and we as Iraqis of all ethnic groups or sects and the so-called other minorities understand often see them on a single character, especially if sounding the alarm on the state of the province of Iraq's provinces from south to north and from west to east gives people in his spirit thoroughbreds to pay for that risk imminent in any inch of the parts of the country, all other manifestations ephemeral .. Money comes and goes and the children come and go and wealth based on the power comes and goes as well as the strong power and their locations were or broken or national dictatorship go, and so if this transient world, the democratic traditions of the building is not on the basis of possible of the envelope and the data, but rather on the basis of ambition any that building a true democracy came to bring the case today and in the future and built by true national hands of those who perform their duties to serve the people who Nsbhm to govern diligently and faithfully, to the common property for all of us now is a new Iraq, a property of the new Iraq is the fighter good and sincere believer and the Secretary of the unified concepts of Iraqi citizens understand one people and the fate of one and the land of one and the future one too and promising of all that is good for all the Iraqi people Bakomyate MOST Standard, dear reader that my introduction this have significance for the address above and significance in the commentary, which began after the introduction, Those who betrayed their homeland and handed over Mosul, Tikrit, Anbar and wasted a third of cities or Iraqi territory to occupied by the so called state non-Islamic (Daash) of those who had gathered from all over the world the Arab them, including the European and Western and Afghan and Pakistan and seized the capabilities of combat without any deterrent did not start any Shot of leaders who sold the land and supply, and there was MDF (Daash) with money and weapons developed until they said we will get to Baghdad and topple the government, but the Iraqi people by vehicle and Korda and other sects stood a one-stop, especially the province of Kurdistan strength especially Peshmerga who stood to repel Aldaasha full force aggression and the courage of micro and speed of lightning and that for the defense of Baghdad, the capital, which actually wanted access to it and its occupation when they occupied Baquba, Baghdad less than 50 km and it wore them back and when they could not get to Baghdad and disillusioned attacked their weapons advanced on to occupy Arbil, the capital of the province Kurdistan but the province forces confronted them and started Mottaghgarin but they occupied some districts, counties and then went Kurdish forces heroine and with support from the Western alliance freed all the northern cities with full force and determination and so that the province sent troops to support people Alkopana, yes this is the Iraqi people in all ethnic groups defended the defense fierce not to desecrate Aldaasha inch of the land of Iraq and thus ended in abject failure on Znnounam they will occupy Baghdad and then the province of Kurdistan, but they were surprised valiantly the Iraqi people in all ethnic groups and religions and Rteke them back repentant. These are the qualities we find in all the Iraqi cities of Baghdad and Basra and in Erbil and Dohuk in western cities sons who are now defending their cities occupied and many of them actually cleansed of abomination infidels and criminals of his ilk Daash criminals and traitors is wrapped to understand.