Sunni al-Abbadi of satisfaction after ensuring 40 000 fighters in the crowd and monthly salaries for the displaced

2015-12-21 00:21:09 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Federation of Iraqi forces retreated from his hardline views towards the Prime Minister after conducting a series of meetings and interviews with the latter in the last few periods. These meetings resulted in the increase in the proportion of Sunni representation in the popular crowd to 40 thousand fighters, and the granting of a monthly salary for each displaced family.

They are still stuck despite the approval of the Prime Minister to be passed, and a general amnesty file comes on top of these files. But state law talking "routine" move hinders agreements, confirmed the existence of the will of the government to do so.

The (long) has revealed, beginning in November, that the Iraqi forces included the union presented a list of seven recommendations to the Prime Minister talking about the need to provide financial relief for the displaced, and the involvement of the Sunni tribes in the popular crowd.

The submission of the paper in the Sunni tensions that marred the relationship Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Bactlth state law, which accused him of not consulted and communicate with the reform to take decisions and cut the salary scale.

MP says Azim and Healing, a member of the Federation of Iraqi forces, "The paper presented by the Sunni component to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi less than two months before check some of them through government committees formed and work is underway to comply with paragraphs and other points."

He and Healing, in an interview (range), "The Union of Forces held in the past few periods a series of meetings and meetings with al-Abadi to discuss the possibility of passing and the achievement of the most important points contained in the Sunni paper," pointing out that "a lot of these files have been resolved after included in the draft budget law of 2016 voted by the House of Representatives. "

And the most points earned, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of Religious Endowments, that explains "My displaced the popular and the crowd who were Tdminhma in next year's budget to provide funds to support the displaced example of what has been achieved from our demands."

He continued optic MP saying that "all the budgets of the development of the region and the provinces and the ration card in the provinces, occupied by Daash that has been converted to the displaced people," stressing that these provisions "will pay them in the form of a monthly salary of between 300 to 400 thousand dinars for each displaced families; with the allocation of funds for ages provinces devastated by organizations Daash ".

Among the topics that took a great deal of interest in the Union forces during the consultations with al-Abadi is the security file, which includes the army, the police and the popular crowd, with the possibility of raising the percentage of participation of the Sunni tribes in the security services and specifically in the formations of the popular crowd.

The MP pointed Azim and Healing to "agree on increasing the participation of the Sunni tribes in the crowd by increasing the proportion of body representation with the popular crowd and included in the budget law," noting that "the Sunni component ratio will be 40 thousand fighters in the total popular mobilization forces."

Healing and notes that "the previous agreement which was included in the budget year 2015 was the states that share the Sunni component be 50 thousand and 70 thousand Shiite component; but this has not yet been limited to the proportion of the year in the crowd with ten thousand fighters achieved".

And reveals a member of the Union of Forces for the mass "body agreed with the popular crowd to be a component of the Sunni ratio for next year of 30% added her previous 10 thousand, so that it becomes their representation in the crowd of 40 thousand fighters were to prove it in the 2016 budget year."

Healing and draws out that "the current number of crowd reached 120 thousand fighters will be added to him the proportion of the Sunni component amounting to 30 000, and therefore will enumerate the crowd in the next year to 150 000 fighter Shiite and Sunni."

He says that "the Sunni rites 30 thousand fighters are ready after they have completed all their training."

But do not forget the visual MP files that are still outstanding, most notably the general amnesty, who hit the reservations of political parties, despite the approval of the Prime Minister file.

In the meantime, a coalition of state law confirms the existence of the will of the government to implement all the Sunni paper items, but he admitted that "some routine procedures collide."

MP says Mohammed al-Shammari, told the (range), "after the receipt of these points Abadi initiated the formation of a military and ministerial committees and it needs more time to accomplish its mission."

Shammari said "recognize the existence of obstacles stand in the acceleration of these points because of the lack of financial liquidity and the crisis facing Iraq."

Of Mohammad Sabah