Iraqi banking staffs receive international training

12/21/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
In order to promote human resources working in the Iraqi banking sector struck Iraqi private banks association and Capital Bank agreement is aimed at developing the Iraqi banking sector through the development of local banking expertise and provide them with new knowledge in global and local banks.

The head of the Association meek ​​Handal looks from Through this agreement to benefit from the expertise of Capital Bank in the field of training for workers in the Iraqi banking sector, especially as the Bank has considerable experience in this area, pointing out that the Association is committed to providing Bank of Courses want to qualification in its field to the staff of the Iraqi banking sector.

He said in an interview «morning« The courses that will be determined and when her time during the coming period, work on the training of 25 employees at each session, where there will be coordination between the two parties to create all the training work of curricula and things logistical requirements necessary to complete the fullest training process face.

Turn between Ali Tariq Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks that this new direction in Iraq, paving the way for the creation of a typical banking sector capable of providing the best banking services to the public beneficiaries differences (companies or citizens).

He said that the agreement included commitments on Capital Bank consisted prepare materials that are given through the training workshops, and send a specialized team has high expertise in the banking sector for the completion of the training operations, adding that the training would be in line to materials and program by the Association and Alpennek.ofatt that the period of the agreement extends to the world of one, indicating that the local expertise needed to these efforts to inform them of the developments witnessed by the regional and international banking sector and its role in the Iraqi banking sector which needs to be serious follow-up to the international banks and work on the development of services continuously development.